Message from the CEO

The First 90 Days

Transitioning into the role of the CEO/President at Community Services for Children has been exciting, rewarding, and filled with activity.  Over the course of the last three months, I have had the opportunity to connect with staff, visit CSC locations throughout Northeast Pennsylvania, and attend amazing community events. What I have enjoyed the most is observing CSC values come alive every day and in many ways. Below are a few highlights.


Excellence: CSC’s Head Start/Early Head Start program has been recognized as a Program of Excellence by the National Head Start Association. Only 12 other programs across the nation share this distinct accreditation. Areas identified as strengths include CSC’s commitment to our mission and vision, our dedication to continuous quality improvement, and our diligence in providing staff with high quality professional development. CSC’s preschool STEM model, known as the Newton School, and supports for vulnerable families such as those facing homelessness or substance use disorder were also recognized as innovative practices.


Inclusion: CSC is the new home of Project Child! Project Child is the premier child abuse prevention program in the Lehigh Valley and was originally established in 1991. CSC’s Community Initiatives and Advancement team couldn’t be more excited to work with the Project Child Advisory Committee to continue these valuable and desperately needed services for families with young children.


Equity: Early Learning Resource Centers operated by CSC in 17 counties across northeast Pennsylvania, work directly with families of young children to understand their individual needs and connect them to vital services. The Early Learning Resource Centers have worked with more than 17,000 families each year, not only helping them to find and afford high quality child care, but also linking them to health and mental health care, food access, housing, and other services that support their success.


Integrity: CSC’s fiscal integrity is above reproach. Year after year, financial audits are without findings. Program reviews at the state and federal level, all of which analyze CSC’s financial processes, procedures, and practices, demonstrate full compliance. CSC’s fiscal department works closely with staff, contractors, and vendors to guarantee all applicable fiscal regulations are followed.


Connection: CSC’s dedicated staff is our most treasured resource. The amazing accomplishments could not happen without them. While appreciation is important throughout the entire year, CSC’s Employee Engagement team helped us to connect with each other and celebrate our first annual Employee Appreciation Week. We enjoyed themed days, virtual bingo, team activities, celebrations, and a Kudo Board with more than 75 inspiring messages. CSC’s Board of Directors joined us by sending words of appreciation to the staff. It was an exceptional inaugural event that we will build upon throughout the year.


The first 90 days were astounding and I am eager to embark on the next 90, 900, 9000 as we work to ensure every child thrives and every family succeeds.