About CSC

Our Mission

Prepare young children and their families to succeed in learning and in life through innovative, comprehensive, leading-edge services.

Our Vision

Engaged communities where every child thrives and every family succeeds.

Our Values

Excellence, Inclusion, Equity, Integrity and Connection.

Our Impact

  • 1173 children and families served through Head Start / Early Head Start programs
  • 95% of enrolled families developed individual family goal plans.
  • 100% of enrolled families participated in parenting education in the home
  • 515 fathers participated in activities to support their children’s development
  • 178 child care providers increased their STAR level, 48% of those moved to a STAR 3 or 4
  • 2,859 families received 7,358 referrals to needed community resources
  • $5 million in grant funds awarded to 624 child care providers for quality improvements and staff retention
  •  $105.8 million in subsidies were paid to child care providers to support children of working families
  • Over 20,000 children were served through the Child Care Works program

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Click here for more information on resources available to families or child care providers through our Early Learning Resource Centers website


Government sources shoulder the greatest portion of our work, but they cannot do it all.

  • We need your partnership to bridge the 20 percent gap between the cost of education and government grants.
  • We need your support to reach the other 5,000 young children in the Lehigh Valley who are eligible but not funded for quality early education.
  • To inquire about corporate sponsorship opportunities, contact Teri Haddad, VP of Community Initiatives and Development, at [email protected].

Your donations make it possible to:

  • Purchase classroom materials and equipment
  • Keep staff up to date with best practices
  • Provide parent education
  • Expand arts, science, technology and math education
  • Provide books to children
  • Provide emergency assistance for diapers, formula, utilities and other family needs

Educational Investment Tax Credits (EITC)

EITC has accomplished what many in Pennsylvania have been advocating for years — a way for the business community to be directly involved in improving education. EITC enables companies to support local nonprofit charities such as Community Services for Children at minimal cost to your business.  Read more…

Your assistance can make a bright future possible for these children growing up in poverty in the Lehigh Valley. Thank you for your generosity!  Learn more…