About Early Childhood Education

About CSC


Our Mission

Prepare children and their families to succeed in learning and in life.

Our Vision

CSC exemplifies excellence in early learning, providing inspiration and leadership that engages our communities to put children first.

Our Impact

  • 9245 children received subsidy for childcare last year
  • 40,664 children served in 942 STAR sites
  • 16,639 teachers and directors attended professional development activities
  • 94.9% finished Head Start fully ready for kindergarten
  • 94.5% of three year olds achieved developmental milestones
  • Awarded $7,579,231 to child care providers to improve quality

Government sources shoulder the greatest portion of our work. But they cannot do it all.

  • We need your partnership to bridge the 20% gap between the cost of education and government grants.
  • We need your support to reach the other 5000 young children in the Lehigh Valley who are eligible but not funded for quality early education.

Your donations make it possible to:

  • Purchase classroom materials & equipment
  • Keep staff up to date with best practices
  • Provide parent education
  • Expand arts, science, technology, and math education
  • Ensure every child receives 3 books a year
  • Provide emergency assistance for diapers, formula, utilities, etc

Your assistance can make a bright future possible for these children who live in the poorest of the poor families in the Lehigh Valley – incomes of $13,000.

Just click on “Donate” above. Thank you for your generosity.