Kindergarten Registration Underway in the Allentown School District

The Kindergarten Jumpstart Center is in its third year supporting kindergarten registration in the Allentown School District. “It is exciting to be able to continue supporting families during these challenging and evolving times,” says Kaitlyn Fletcher, Assistant Director of Community Initiatives. As we are preparing for a new school year, we have exciting updates to share! The Kindergarten Jumpstart Center is now in four convenient locations; Jackson Early Childhood Center, Central Elementary School, Brigadier General Anna Mae Hays Elementary School, and The Neighborhood Resource Center. Having four locations throughout Allentown has given us the opportunity to expand our resources, efforts, and supports to a substantial amount of families and children that may have not had the opportunity to utilize our program.

To reach even more families, we developed a public awareness campaign that provides parents with practical tips on school readiness to help their child successfully transition to school. We created calendars that have easy at home activities that can be incorporated into daily life! The calendars highlight school readiness skills, such as social emotional learning, physical, mathematical, and language skills. These have been distributed to 1,700 families and children. These calendars bring excitement to learning and give families a time to work together!

Kindergarten registration launched for Allentown School District in February and our bi-lingual school readiness partner is available to assist families throughout the entire registration process. The Kindergarten Jumpstart Centers primary focus remains on providing families with access to valuable tools and resources to help their child prepare for a successful transition from pre-school to kindergarten.