Education 2010 Honored

This year, CSC honors Education 2010! with the Inez and Edward Donley Award for Children’s Advocacy. Currently composed of 12 leading business executives, Education 2010! was founded by Mr. Edward Donley in 2004. The purpose of the organization was for business leaders to come together to address economic development in relationship to the economic viability of the region’s hub—Allentown and its school district and to help the students of Allentown achieve academic excellence.

Over the years, their mission has evolved to include addressing the educational needs facing children of the Lehigh Valley by serving as a stimulus for identification, development, and implementation of new and innovative ideas for educating students. Collectively they believe investment in education, including preschool, is an investment in the future. Tomorrow’s employees, business leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, citizens, tax payers, and philanthropists are today’s students.

Among other investments, Education 2010! has supported the pilot implementation of a unique literacy laboratory in Allentown serving more than 200 preschoolers in Head Start and PreK Counts.

Mr. Lee A. Butz chairs Education 2010!. Their staff executive is Jean Masiko.
Current members include:
Mr. Ed Donley
Ms. Jan Heller
Ms. Susan Gilmore
Mr. William Hecht
Mr. Timothy R. Kennedy
Mr. John McGlade
Mr. James H. Miller
Mr. Tony Salvaggio
Mr. Don Snyder
Mr. Kim Snyder
Dr. Elliot Sussman