CSC Receives Early Reading First Grant

The US Department of Education selected CSC during a highly competitive process for a $3.5 million Early Reading First grant. These grants are available through Project LEARN – Literacy Education And Readiness Now, intended to prepare children to enter kindergarten with the skills necessary for reading success. A major focus of CSC’s program will be to improve the English language and early literacy skills of children with limited English.

The program will also teach parents how to encourage their children’s verbal and early literacy skills through a variety of methods, including a PBS program designed by Channel 39 WLVT called “View, Do, Read.”To accomplish these goals, CSC has transformed seven Head Start classrooms in Allentown into full-day, full-year Early Reading First centers of learning.

CSC’s program is based on the most current research. Lehigh University is partnering with CSC to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.