CSC Policy Council Involves Parents to Make an Impact

Many decisions go into the direction and development of CSC’s Head Start and Early Head Start programs. One of the ways decisions are made is through the Policy Council. Policy Council is comprised of individuals who are elected by the parents of children who are currently enrolled in Head Start or Early Head Start program. Members are able to serve for one year at a time for up to five years. In addition, parents themselves may also sit on the Policy Council to weigh in on the decisions and direction of the overall program. Policy Council exists because it is understood that parents are essential in the role of helping to educate young children, and it was decided that parents should be a part of the conversation regarding how early education best benefits their family, and other families in the community.

Presently, every Head Start and Early Head Start program have a Policy Council, which gives parents a voice and an active role in what their children learn in their classrooms, as well as how the funds for the program are used, among other things. All children, parents, and the program benefit when parents take an active leadership role in the education of their children. Parents are able to gain skills and connect with other parents and staff all while gaining confidence and creating a healthy environment for their children at home and at school. The program staff benefits directly when they are able to learn about the strengths, interests, and needs of the children and families they serve. With all parts of the Head Start and Early Head Start programs being cohesive, it ensures that children are given every opportunity to succeed.