About Early Childhood Education


Ready for School

  • 95% of those leaving Early Head Start are developmentally on-age. Without Early Head Start, only 14% to 20% of the children enter Head Start developmentally on-age.
  • 90% or better of children leaving Head Start are on age developmentally (only 10% are on age when they start the program).
  • Costly remediation and services are greatly reduced through early intervention, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disabilities.
  • 100% of eligible Head Start classrooms are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
  • 100% of CSC teachers meet Head Start federal teacher qualification standards.

Healthy Births and Healthy Children

  • 100% of the young women in Early Head Start deliver normal weight babies.
  • 100% of eligible children are linked to health insurance.
  • 100% of all diagnosed health and dental problems receive treatment.
  • 95% of children are fully immunized and complete comprehensive medical and dental screenings.

Stable Families

  • 95% of families complete personal and family goals set during the program.
  • 85% of parents achieve the three leading indicators of success for children in school.
  • Parents are involved in their children’s education and in program governance.
  • Reading is part of home life.
  • Parents and children learn to do things together.
  • 70% of families have a full-time worker.
  • 70% of families increase their commitment to community involvement while enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start.
  • Repeated abuse is prevented in 96% of families receiving child abuse services.