Relative Provider

What is a Relative Provider?

a Relative Provider is a provider with a blood relationship to the child for whom care is requested. This includes grandparent, great grandparent, aunt, uncle of sibling (18 years or older and not living in the same home). “Step” relationships are excluded from the definition, which means these types of relationships to the child excludes the person from participating in the subsidized child care program as a Relative Provider.

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How do I become a Relative Provider?

A funded subsidized family would need to contact their caseworker before using care with you. As a relative provider, you would be expected to obtain Federal and State clearances, sign contracts and participate in 12 hours of training requirements.

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How can I register for the Federal Criminal History Clearances?

You MUST register before going to the fingerprint site. COGENT prefers you register on-line at; however, you can register by calling toll free (888) 439-2486.

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I got my fingerprint results back in the mail. What is my next step?

You must contact the CCIS to schedule a face-to-face meeting immediately upon receipt of the results of the Federal clearances. Please contact your Provider Counselor at (610) 437-6000. If you do not have your fingerprints scanned and submit results timely, the CCIS will not pay for any of the child care you have provided.

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What should I bring with me to sign contracts?

Please bring the following items to your face-to-face appointment:

  • Original Federal Fingerprint Results letter
  • Photo Identification with a signature
  • Proof of Address (ex. Utility bill, driver’s license, copy of lease, etc.)
  • Proof of working telephone (telephone bill)
  • Social Security card
  • Mandated Reporter Training Certificate
  • Attestation form proving relationship

If you have any questions about the documents that are needed for your appointment, please contact your Provider Counselor at (610) 437-6000.

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How do I complete the Relative Provider training requirements?

To access the approved training opportunities, click on “login” in the upper right hand corner. Use your birth date and the last five (5) digits of your social security number to log in.

For more information or questions about the professional development requirement, please contact (610) 437-6000 ext. 2305.

Once an account is created you have access to view 100+ online professional development lessons. If you have questions call toll free (800) 452-9108.

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