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Health Link Online-Summer 20162016-07-22
Health Link Online Spring 20162016-04-20
Winter 2016 Health Link Online2016-02-04
Fall 2015 Health Link Online2015-10-23
15+ Make Time to Listen Take Time to Talk2015-09-01
Health Link Online - Spring 20152015-04-16
Strengthening Math Related Teaching Report2015-03-19
Health Link Online-Winter 20152015-02-05
Spread Fun Not Flu Poster2014-11-14
Information on Flu - Spanish2014-11-14
Cleaning Disinfecting Schools2014-11-14
Flu Guide for Parents2014-11-14
DOH General Public Ebola Poster_English2014-10-31
Fall 2014 Health Link Online2014-10-31
Energy Tip Sheet2014-08-25
PSAYDN Afterschool Food Guide 20142014-07-31
Examining the Impact of Afterschool STEM Programs2014-07-31
Health Link Online - Fall 20132013-10-21
Head Start Supplemental Progress 12-132013-07-11
Keystone STARS Progress 12-132013-07-11
PA Pre-K Counts Progress 12-132013-07-11
Art Supplies ASTM D-4236 and ACMI Standards2013-05-23
Furniture Greenguard Certified2013-05-23
Spring 2013 Health Link Online2013-05-07
Emergency Preparedness Guide2013-04-17
2011-2012 NE Key Outcomes Report0000-00-00
ERS-F News Fall Winter 2012 20132013-01-29
ERS-F News Fall Winter 2012 2013 Spanish2013-01-29
ERS News Fall Winter 2012 20132013-01-29
ERS News Fall Winter 2012 2013 Spanish2013-01-29
Winter 2013 Health Link Online2013-01-15
A National Tragedy: Helping Children Cope2012-12-18
When the World is a Dangerous Place Article2012-12-17
Tips for Talking to Children and Youth After Traumatic Events2012-12-17
Helping Children Deal with Tragic Events in the News2012-12-17
TAPS Health Checks2012-12-07
TAPS First Aid Kits2012-11-19
TAPS Germs2012-11-19
TAPS Winter Safety2012-11-19
Deeper Look at the PA Position Statements Tip Sheet2012-11-07
PA Position Statements Updates2012-11-07
Sanitizing and Disinfecting Tip Sheet2012-11-07
ERS Spring 20122012-09-17
ERS-F Spring 20122012-09-17
ERS-F Spanish Spring2012-09-17
45 New Crib Standard Questions and Answers 8-25-20112012-08-22
43 Crib Standards and Child Care Providers2012-08-22
44 cribrules2012-08-22
Care Plan for Children With Special Needs in Child Care2012-08-22
Health and Safety Text Book Flyer2012-08-03
Health and Safety order form June 20122012-08-03
PA Position Statements for the SACERS 4 1 122012-04-16
PA Position Statements for the ITERS 4 1 122012-04-16
PA Position Statements for the FCCERS 4 1 122012-04-16
PA Position Statements for the ECERS 4 1 122012-04-16
2010-2011 NE Key Outcomes Report2012-02-01
Request for STARS TA2012-02-01
How To Find Child Care Forms On The DPW Website2012-02-01
The New Crib Standard- Q and A2012-02-01
Family Spanish Winter2011 (ERS-F)2012-01-31
ERS Newsletter2011-12-05
ERS Family Newsletter2011-12-05
2009-2010 NE Key Outcomes Report2011-09-28
OCDEL Glossary of Terms2011-01-20
TAPS Health Checks2010-08-19