Subsidized Child Care

Community Services for Children administers the Child Care Information Service (CCIS) of Lehigh County. In addition to providing parents with information on finding child care (see TOT-INFO above); we also help low-income families enroll in subsidized child care. The amount of the subsidy is based on family size and income.

Eligibility Requirements for Subsidized Child Care Program

  • The goal of the Subsidy Program is to enable low-income families to maintain employment.
  • The Subsidy Program is a non-entitlement benefit made available through Federal and State funds.
  • Parents must apply in the county in which they live.
  • At this time Lehigh County does have a waiting list.
  • Eligible families are assessed a family co-payment based on their income and family size.
  • Subsidized Child Care is available for a child if no adult family member is available to care for the child during the hours of the day for which the parent requests subsidized Child Care.
  • Subsidized Child Care is available to an eligible child from birth to the date the child is 13 years of age.
  • Subsidized Child Care may be provided in Certified Child Day Care Centers, Group Child Day Care Homes, Registered Family Child Day Care Homes and those exempt from certification or registration. Any provider selected must have a contract with the CCIS.

Financial Requirements:

  • A Family’s annual income cannot exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines at application.
  • All adult members must provide 4 pay stubs within the most recent 6-week period, or must begin prospective employment within 30 days of their application.
  • All other earned and unearned income must be reported.

Non-Financial Requirements:

  • Completed application, signed and dated.
  • The child must need care which coincides with the hours of the adult family members employment and/or training hours.
  • All adult family members must submit an employment verification form and a training verification if applicable.
  • Each adult family member must work 20 hours per week, or 10 hours per week and attend accredited training for 10 hours per week (or any combination, not to fall below the minimum of 10 hours of employment).
  • Subsidized Child Care is available only to a child who has received age-appropriate immunizations unless granted an exception.
  • Consent for release of information form, signed by each family member 18 years of age or older.
  • Photo-Identification card at time of face-to-face interview.
  • The children must be citizens of the United States.
  • Address verification (You must reside in Lehigh County).
  • Verification of family members, such as birth certificate, medical records or school records.

Do you receive cash assistance or food stamps and need help paying for child care? To qualify you must be in an approved work or training program. If your family meets the requirement, contact the County Assistance Office at 610-821-6701 or the CCIS of Lehigh County at 610-437-6000.

For additional information on the Subsidy Program or for a Subsidy Application, visit or call 610-437-6000, ext 506. For help finding a child care provider to fit your personal needs, visit