Head Start

In another year, your 4-year old will be marching off to kindergarten. It’s exciting and perhaps a little scary, too. Kindergartners start school expected to know their letters, the sounds the letters typically make, and rhyming words. They are expected to count to 10 and recognize these numbers. Kindergartners are expected to be able to sit for several hours a day, know how to share and take turns.

CSC offers two preschool options, Head Start and PreK Counts. Although their funding differs somewhat, we operate them with the same high standards.

Head Start began in the Lehigh Valley in 1965 during President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty programs. Today we have more than 50 Head Start classrooms across the Lehigh Valley, most run independently, and some run in conjunction with public schools.

To be eligible for this free education, a child must be at least 3 years old and the family income cannot exceed the federal pooverty guideline.

Head Start is a two-generation program in which we work as diligently with the family as it seeks strength and healthy growth as we do the child. Physical, mental and social health are encouraged along with learning literacy, math, science, and the arts.

PreK Counts is a free preschool funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Currently, CSC operates seven PreK Counts classrooms in Allentown and one in Easton. The program embodies the Early Learning Standards established by Pennsylvania. Children attend classes six hours per day five days a week throughout a 180-day school year. Each class of 20 students has two teachers who meet or exceed state requirements for early childhood education and receive on-going training.

All PreK Counts children and families are dual-enrolled in CSC’s Head Start program so that parents may be involved in support services.

Lunch is provided. Parents receive on-going progress reports about their child.

To qualify,

  • Your family must reside in either the Allentown School District or Easton Area School District;
  • Your child must be 3 or 4 years old by Allentown or Easton Area School District Kindergarten cut-off dates;
  • Family income must be at or below 100% of the poverty guidelines (sliding scale depending upon family size).

In addition, priority is given to the following:

  • Child has a disability or development delay;
  • English is child’s second language; Four-year-old children;
  • Child is involved with Mental Health Services and/or Children & Youth department in Lehigh or Northampton County.

Enrollment is limited. Please call for more information: 610-437-6000, 2354.