Get Involved

How You Can Get Involved!

“The road to success is not crowded because while most are looking for ways to take, the truly successful people are finding ways to give. With a giving attitude, every situation is an opportunity for success.”
– Author Unknown

Event Sponsorship & Marketing Opportunities: CSC Sponsorships 2019

In-kind donors – Looking to get rid of new or gently used children’s books? Or would you like to “adopt” a low- income family around the holidays? CSC is always looking for groups or organizations to hold drives that would benefit the families and programs.

Monetary donors – Do children have a special place in your heart? Let Community Services for Children be your charity of choice! Contact us today for a tour or information on how we prepare children and their families to succeed. Click below to donate or contact Celeste Voyer at

Donation Line, – looking to get rid of an old vehicle? Let Donation Line help you find a buyer and 90 percent of proceeds will be donated to CSC. For further information and guidelines please visit their website.

Looking to fulfill an internship?
Contact us for areas in Development, Early Education, Finance and Office Administration.

Educational Investment Tax Credit (EITC)

Educational Investment Tax Credit (EITC) is a program administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development in which companies may use tax credits to support approved educational programs. CSC operates two EITC-funded programs: PreK Scholarship Organization, which funds scholarships for low-income children, and Educational Innovation Organization, which funds two technology labs that enhance literacy development for 420 pre-k children.